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Wrap-around labels
  • FT GROUP produces wrap-around labels using digital, offset and combined printing technologies with the possible individualization of the label.
  • The basis can be pearl, transparent and metallized polypropylene. Two-sided printing is possible by using any colors with synchronization of the front and back sides, and much more.
  • Various decoration options are also possible. HP Indigo digital printing technology allows to make each label unique when needed.
  • An example is the product for The Coca-Cola Company – the SHARE A COKE promo. The main part of the label is printed using role offset, the variable part is printed using HP Indigo Digital technology.
Other types of packaging

FT GROUP is one of the largest manufacturers in the flexible packaging market in Eastern Europe. The company has been developing in the market since 2001, while the main activity of the company is the production of laminate tubes, labels and packaging laminates.

The company has successfully mastered the production of almost the entire range of flexible packaging for the food, cosmetology and pharmaceutical industries.